AstroGuider is a front end to a guider INDIGO agent. Its purpose is to control the guiding camera, its guider port and/or the connected mount. It can be calibrated automatically or manually, you do not need to take care about camera orientation or pixel scale.

It can use various drift detection and drift response algorithms and can autodetect one or multiple stars to guide with. It can also cooperate with AstroImager or AstroDSLR (e.g. for dithering) or with AstroTelescope (e.g. to stop guiding when the mount is slewed to another target).

It can control many devices supported by built-in INDIGO drivers or it can use any 3rd party remote INDIGO or INDI driver. Out-of-the-box it contains INDIGO drivers for the following cameras, mounts and guiding devices:

  • CCD and mount simulator drivers,
  • Atik CCD driver (Intel only),
  • ZWO ASI CCD and guider drivers (doesn't work with non-S ASI120MM/MC, Intel only),
  • IIDC CCD driver (both USB and FireWire cameras),
  • QHY CCD driver (Intel only),
  • SBIG CCD driver (vendor SDK must be installed, Intel only, doesn't work with recent macOS versions anymore),
  • Meade DSI CCD driver,
  • Orion SSAG/QHY5 CCD driver,
  • StarlightXpress CCD driver,
  • Moravian Instruments CCD driver,
  • ToupTek CCD driver (Intel only),
  • AltairAstro CCD driver (Intel only),
  • SVBONY CCD driver (Intel only),
  • UVC (USB Video Class, e.g. SVBONY SV205) CCD driver,
  • EQMac guider driver (obsoleted on macOS Mojave),
  • CG-USB-ST4 driver,
  • Shoestring GPUSB driver,
  • LX200 mount driver (supports Meade, PegasusAstro NYX-101, Avalon StarGo/StarGo2, Losmandy Gemini, 10micron, EQMac, Astro-Physics GTO and OnStep dialects),
  • NexStar mount driver (supports Celestron and Skywatcher dialects),
  • Takahashi Temma mount driver,
  • iOptron Mount driver,
  • SynScan/EQDir mount driver,
  • ExploreScientific PCM8 mount controller driver,
  • RainbowAstro mount driver,
  • NexStarAUX mount driver (WiFi only)
  • Vixen Starbook Ten driver,
  • ZWO AM5 mount driver.

If you want to use AstroImager, AstroGuider and AstroTelescope, you can consider All-in-One INDIGO A1 instead.

To run AstroGuider you need Apple Mac running macOS Sierra or later.

You can read Getting Started or watch video tutorial to learn more and if you will have any problem with some of our products do not hesitate to contact us on or users group forum.