jINDI is a project of cross platform observatory control software based on INDI protocol. It consists of

  • headless implementation of INDI protocol and channel adapters for communication with both local and remote INDI drivers,
  • the java wrapper of NOVAS library available also as jNOVAS and
  • platform independent INDI GUI, JavaFX 2.2 implementation of device manager, control panel and task oriented and integrated GUI for telescope mount, guider and imager control.

The current status is, that all INDI protocol modules and star catalog utilities (with TYCHO 2 catalog download, preprocessing and astrometric transformations with jNovas), name lookup with SIMBAD (with query response caching for field operation) are implemented and tested. We have a working telescope control GUI with star map for comfortable slewing and alignment and imager control GUI with plate solver based on TYCHO 2 catalog. Guider control GUI is not implemented.

To try jINDI you need Microsoft Windows operating system (developed and tested on Windows8 but should work with XP and later) or Apple MacOS X (developed and tested on 10.9 but should work with 10.7.3 and later) or any Linux distribution compatible with Oracle Java7 and INDI or ASCOM/wINDI with drivers for your devices.

If you will have any problem with some of our products do not hesitate to contact us on info@cloudmakers.eu or users group forum.

This project is currently not actively developed, but if you want to try it, just let us know.