xINDI is a suite of native astronomical software tools for MacOS X built around INDI standard. It consists of binary INDI distribution wrapped into INDI Server application, INDI Control Panel application, FITS Viewer and AstroImager. More applications will be available soon.

Binary distribution of INDI 0.9.9 for MacOS X

INDI library is an open source project released under the GNU LGPL, it is available as a binary package for all major Linux distributions and you can build it yourself from source on MacOS X as well. Nevertheless it is not so easy to do and if you don't have necessary development environment on your Intel Mac you can use our binary package:
  • download INDI_Server_1.12.dmg disc image to any convenient location, 
  • mount the image, 
  • drag & drop INDI Server icon to Applications folder to install INDI server, drivers, supporting libraries and server GUI to your machine, 
  • execute INDI Server application to start indiserver, 
  • add, remove or reload drivers directly from INDI Server application, 
  • quit INDI Server application to stop indiserver.
This distribution is based on INDI 0.9.9 r1885 and contains also all compatible 3rd party drivers including ATIK and Shoestring Astronomy.

INDI Server source code is available from You need MacOS X 10.8 or 10.9 to use this software.

INDI Control Panel

INDI Control panel is a generic client for any INDI server. It can be used to read or set any of the device driver properties including BLOBs and images. If you are using not just Apple computers but also mobile or tablet check iINDI, remote control for INDI server for iPhone and iPad.

FITS Preview

FITS Preview is a lightweight and fast viewer for images in FITS format (Flexible Image Transport System) introduced by NASA and HEASARC.

The viewer is based on CFITSIO library and supports all standard monochromatic and color FITS image formats. It shows both an image (zoomed and stretched automatically, but manual correction of black and white point is available) and an image metadata.

If you want to know more or need a help... not hesitate to contact us at or INDI Forum.

Both INDI and INDI drivers developed by CloudMakers and INDI Server GUI are a free software but if you find them useful you can make a donation at your own discretion to support its further development...