wINDI is a wrapper and INDI server for ASCOM drivers. It was developed as a supporting module for jINDI cross platform observatory control software, but can be used for a personal or educational purposes for free with any other INDI client running on the same or a remote machine (e.g. iINDI, kStar, XEphem or CdC).

The wrappers for telescope, CCD, focuser and filter wheel device drivers and the INDI server with the control panel are implemented and tested with both jINDI a available 3rd party clients. The opposite direction communication (ASCOM wrapper for remote INDI devices) is also on our roadmap later.

In version 1.0.9 is wINDI compatible with INDI 0.9.6 and newer.

INDI (Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface) is a distributed control protocol designed to operate an astronomical instrumentation. It is used typically by scientific grade software on unix operation systems like Linux or Apple MacOS X but with jINDI project it will be available for any operating system which can host JavaFX 2.2 platform including MS Windows, Apple MacOS X and Linux.
ASCOM (Astronomy Common Object Model) is a platform and de-facto standard for vendor and programming language independent communication between astronomy software and astronomical instruments on Windows computers and .Net platform.

What are the system requirements?

How to install it?

  • wINDI can be used for non-commercial purposes for free, but simple registration procedure is required (as far as current version is just pre-release software it has set expiration date). 
  • Click here and fill download request form (remember to use a valid e-mail address to receive download instruction). 
  • Download and execute file wINDI.exe using the link in e-mailed download instruction. 
  • Follow the installation wizard as shown on the following images.

How to use it?

  • Click Start, All Programs, wINDI and select wINDI server. When executed for the first time, license key received together with download instructions is requested. Just copy & paste from e-mail message.

  • In the available device driver tree on the left select driver you want to make available for INDI clients and click on the green right arrow button in the middle to move it to the selected devices driver tree on the right. You can repeat it with as many devices as you want. By selecting the device driver in the right tree and clicking green left arrow button in the middle you can remove it back to the available device driver tree.

  • When done click Start button to start INDI server and Hide button to hide Control panel GUI to icon tray (bottom right corner of the desktop). You can show it anytime by clicking its icon in icon tray. 
  • Execute your favorite INDI client on the same or remote computer and connect to wINDI server...

jINDI running against local wINDI wrappers

xephem running on OSX against remote wINDI server


kStars running on Linux against remote (virtualized) wINDI server

Cartes du Ciel running against local wINDI server

If you want to know more or need a help... not hesitate to contact us at or INDI Forum.
wINDI 1.0.9 beta now available... Click here to download.

wINDI is a free software but if you find it useful you can make a donation at your own discretion to support its further deve-lopment...